This week’s Vineville Spotlight is on Mike & Nancy Bailey.

Which worship service and Sunday School Class do you attend? We attend the 9am worship service & the Webb Sunday School class. How long have you been a member of the church? We’ve been members since 1975. What are some things your family likes to do together or what are your hobbies? We like to go to the movies, travel and play UNO with our grands.  Tell us a little about your family. We have two daughters, Cathy Vice (Fayetteville) & Dr. Alicia David (Macon) who grew up at Vineville and two sons-in-law, Martin Vice, a pilot for SouthWest Airlines, and Robert David, an engineer at Robins. We have three wonderful grandchildren: Bailey  (15/football/wrestling), Sam (13/Boy Scouts) & Corie (11/chorus/swimming) who attends Vineville’s 6th grade Sunday School class.  What’s the best vacation you’ve been on? Our best vacation was a trip to Istanbul with Alicia (as our art history guide) with lots of dining, shopping, & touring.  What attracted you to Vineville or what is your favorite thing about Vineville? Our favorite things about Vineville are our “forward looking pastor”, its caring people, our SS class, & the many “hands on” mission opportunities.   Do you have any good family traditions? Two of our family traditions are lasagna on Christmas day and gingerbread house assembly by the entire family on Thanksgiving afternoon.   What do you do for a living? Mike is a physician. He was the first invasive cardiologist in Macon & Middle Ga. He opened the first cardiac Cath Lab & performed the first heart Cath in this area of Georgia.  Nancy is an RN who retired from Navicent Health, and then taught nursing at Macon State College. We are both now retired. Mike has had Parkinson’s for 17 years & is now in a wheel chair with 24/7 care givers. He continues to exercise in the gym three times a week with a personal trainer & practice yoga once a week with a yoga practitioner. If you could choose anything to do for a day, what would it be? If Mike could choose a perfect day, he would  be able to walk again and to do wood working. Nancy says “Ditto.”  What are a few of your favorite books and/or movies? Movies: Star Wars & Step-Mom   Books:  many, many mysteries  What’s a little known fact about you that might surprise readers? We met on a “blind date” in 1965 at  The Medical College of Georgia. Nancy was a senior in the Nursing College  & Mike a sophomore in medical school. We became engaged six weeks later & married nine months later.  Where are you from originally?  Mike is from Atlanta and Nancy is from Newberry, SC.