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The Vineville United Methodist Church Foundation

was established so that the Christian values and legacy of our members can live on and further God’s work through our church for generations to come. The Foundation, created in 1984, is managed by a Board of Trustees. The Foundation is totally separate from the church’s annual operating budget.

The Board of Trustees carefully administers the Foundation to ensure the preservation and growth of funds. They manage gifts that have been generously made through such avenues as wills, life insurance, real estate, or outright donations. The principal from these gifts is invested, and earnings from the fund are used to strengthen and expand the ministries of the church. Scholarships, major building renovations, music programming, outreach, and service projects are a few examples of how some of our funds have been used.

While many of our funds have existed for years, new funds have been started as recently as this year. Some people worry about how large of a gift is necessary to make a difference. The truth is that it does not take as much money as it does vision. The Vineville United Methodist Church Foundation provides our members with the opportunity to make enduring gifts that will realize endless returns while experiencing the blessings that come through faithful Christian stewardship.

Explore a giving option with a member of the Trustees, with one of the pastors, or with our administrator, Alice Hestley, for more information, and begin making your planned gift today.