Neighbors Assisting in Loving Service

UMC Pleasantville Neighbors and Rebuilding Macon

Who – All who are interested in helping our church neighbors through home renovation. We welcome all adults and any teenager 14 years old or older. For youth, this is a great opportunity for community service hours for your school, Boy Scouts or other organization.

What – Minor woodwork, home repairs and painting. Maybe toss in a couple of shrubs.

When – Several Saturdays throughout the year.

Where – The Pleasant Hill Community in Macon, Ga.

Why – To show God’s love to our neighbors through action and home renovation.


Upcoming Projects

Please Check Back Soon!


Previous Projects

Saturday April 30th

is the city-wide Rebuilding Macon day. If you’re in the mood (and even if you’re not) to help repair some older homes in our neighborhood, we’d love to have you. We’ll meet at the Church at 8:00, have a quick breakfast and head to the job site.

We have two locations this year. One is off Walnut and the other off Forest, both in the Pleasant Hill neighborhood.

If you can’t meet at 8:00 but can arrive later, then call Nathan at 319-1978 that morning and I’ll direct you where to go.

One project is securing a AC window unit that is crooked and has been allowing the condensation drain to rot the wall to some degree. Mounted properly it should drain to the outside.

The other consists of several items.

  1. Scrape and paint the facia area on the rear of the house.
  2. Install a new ceiling fan.
  3. Mount a range hood in the kitchen.
  4. Caulk an area around a tub.

We may or may not get to all of these items but we’ll see how it goes.

Regardless of skill level, please come and help. We need helpers and holders as well as skilled workers.

Thanks so much…

Saturday April 26, 2014

This Saturday is the annual one day blitz organized by Rebuilding Macon. There will be a number of volunteer crews around Macon working on different houses. Vineville UMC is hosting a city-wide breakfast so let’s meet at the church at 8:00 AM and we’ll get to the job site at 8:30 AM.

Job tasks include:

  • Light painting. The house is sided so window frames and sash only.
  • Minor repair. Drain on bathroom sink. Door pull on screen door.
  • Yard work. The house has light vines growing on one side and fairly heavy vines on another. We’ll cut and remove all vines.


Saturday November 16, 2013

It was a beautiful day at the home of Miss Nichole on Forest Ave.  We met at the job site at 8:30am and started work.

We completed some general carpentry work including:

  • The front steps had shifted over time and were straightened.
  • The front railings were secured.
  • One window screen was re-splined.
  • Outside storage door adjusted.
  • Several leaking sills were caulked.
  • We replaced some cracked vinyl siding.
  • We replaced rotting wood in a couple of places.

Painting tasks included:

  • Pressure washed some mildewed areas.
  • Painted the block foundation gray.
  • Painted the porch and step railing white.
  • Painted the porch decking and steps green.

We were done and cleaned up by 1:00pm. Thanks so much to all the volunteers.


Saturday April 27, 2013

This is the annual one-day blitz where multiple teams of volunteers across our city will make home repairs at different project sites.

Vineville UMC will be renovating the home of Miss Bernice at 288 Ward St.

Work will include:

  • Repair the kitchen floor
  • Install a screen door
  • Rescreen the front porch
  • Paint the exterior.

Please bring with you any of the following:

  • Ladder
  • Paint Scraper
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Roller
  • Work Gloves
  • Staple Gun
  • Hammer
  • Pry/Utility Bar
  • Measuring Tape
  • Level

Also, our church will be hosting a city-wide breakfast for all teams participating that day.

Our team will meet at the church at 8:00, eat breakfast and plan on being at our project house at 8:30.

If you are interested in helping in any way please contact Nathan Watson through the church or email at


Saturday, October 6, 2012

This project was done on Compassion in Action Saturday in concert with First Presbyterian Church and numerous other outreach activities of both churches.

The project involved building a wheelchair ramp at 1573 Ordchard Ave – Click here for Map

We built a 5×5 landing at the front door with a ramp leading to another 5×5 landing. From there we turned 90 degrees and extended a ramp to the street. All material were provided by Rebuilding Macon. Several of us met twice during the week before that Saturday and set all the 4×4 posts (17, fun, fun) and joists. This allowed our Saturday to go smoothly as we completed all decking and railing. We were finished by 12:30.

Thanks go to Tommy Halliburton, Bill Marbut, John Reeves, Hayes McQueen, Robert Reichert, Bill Adams and Bill Shockley. Mimi Brown was kind enough to supply snacks and Drinks were supplied by all of the couples of the McQueen’s Sunday school class.


Saturday, April 28th, 2012 – Rebuilding Macon Day

This house was a great project for us. It involved light wood repair and painting. We fixed several rotted areas and covered one window with plexiglas.  Other repairs included:

  • Front. Replace boards/crown mold in dormer
  • Front. Repair hand rails on front steps
  • Left. Replace crown mold
  • Right. Install plexiglas over broken window
  • Back. New screen door
  • Back. Fashion windows sill

Thanks so much to all of you. This is a great ministry and I loved having lots of folks involved. Mrs. Wade kept calling us Angels of God.

April 28th was a special day  because it was Rebuilding Macon Day, the annual one-day blitz where crews of volunteers will serve their neighbors by helping out with home improvement and renovation across the city.  There were numerous crews of volunteers working at different sites. This day was special for another reason, as well. It was the 20th anniversary of Rebuilding Macon so it was a day celebration as well as a day of service.

There was a city-wide breakfast for the volunteers at Vineville UMC that morning.

Saturday – March 4, 2012

A great day at Mrs. Daniely’s house

Thanks to: Adam Rogers, Brenda Hutcheson, Brian Leigh, Dan Windham, Dean MacDonald, Eric Llevat, Greg Leonard, Isabelle Sullivan, John Reeves, Cecil Baldwin, Kea Henderson, Mimi Brown, Richard Young, Rusty Mitchell and Walker Johnson. Thanks also to Tommy Halliburton for delivering and loaning ladders and Julia Wood for her photography skills. We put a final coat of paint all the way around and planted shrubs and pansies in her front yard. She was delighted.