Join us every Wednesday at 5:30 for a time of quiet, rest, and peace through contemplative worship. Each service lasts no more than thirty minutes and includes a service of communion.

For more information or questions, please continue reading below or email Ann Smith.

This style of worship worship comes to us as a moment of rest and of peace. In that spirit, we encourage everyone to get comfortable, remain seated throughout the service, and quiet their minds as we worship God together.

Our worship  is Christ centered, represented by the cross and candles on the table at each service. As such, the table serves as the focal point for our worship, taking the place of a worship leader.

This worship service comes to us from the tradition of Taize, a modern group of monks in France from every denomination and Christian tradition, who are committed to promoting and praying for reconciliation, peace, unity, and healing throughout the world. These monks established a worship style using meditative singing and silence as a method of prayer. Our services draw heavily on the style used by the Taize community.

In that spirit, during services, we sing simple repetitive songs, which become sung prayers as we rest into the lyrics, dwelling with them. Following the Scripture lesson, there will also be a period of extended silence. Quiet music leads us out of our time of silence together and into the service of communion.