What did Jesus mean when, according to John 19:30 (CEB), he uttered these final words on the cross before He died: “It is completed.”  We are studying Adam Hamilton’s book John – The Gospel of Light and Life in our Wednesday night Bible study.  According to the author, Jesus was saying “Mission Accomplished!”  After all, He came to earth in human form to save us from our sins, and He did so by allowing Himself to be subjected to unspeakable torture, pain, suffering, and death.  He did this for me, and you.  There is no greater gift we will ever receive in our lives.  So, to follow up on my last post, how are we called upon to respond to this greatest gift of all?  Jesus is clear throughout His teachings we are to love one another, put others before ourselves, and serve those who are poor, hungry, sick, lonely and otherwise needy.  The way we meet this scriptural mandate is by being generous and, to be clear,  Jesus expects radical generosity.  This spirit of generosity is meant to be pervasive in its application to our time, our relationships, our ministries, and our wealth.  More to come in the next few weeks.

In Christ,

Bill Adams